Styles in Rueda de Casino

Short moves, easy to get and to dance in social ruedas in clubs with lot of fun.

Larger and more complicated moves. You can use them, if you want to dance shows or if you have a special group.

Here the focus is not on new figures but to dance known moves with more expression.

Rueda with elements of afro-cuban dances. Condition at least is having a basic knowledge of these dances and movements.

Rueda with elements of the cuban rumba. Rumba-knowledge is absolutely necessary (not to mix it up with the european ball room rumba!!!).

Figures of Rueda with elements of Son (Son is a cuban dance born from the Salsa). Previous experience in Son are not required. It will be danced to Salsa music (on 1)

Rueda with elements of reggaeton and CUBATON – fast and hard.